Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange


Jillian Investments, LLC – Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange Services was founded to assist clients in deferring capital gains tax on income-producing assets, reducing and/or eliminating stress of managing multiple properties and to acquire more valuable income-producing property for the client’s portfolio.

1031 Exchange has been cited as the most powerful wealth-building tool still available to taxpayers. It has been a major part of the success strategy of countless financial wizards and real estate gurus. A tax-deferred 1031 exchange allows a taxpayer to sell income, investment or business property and replace it with a like-kind property.

Capital gains on the sale of this property are deferred or postponed as long as the IRS rules are meticulously followed. This is a wise tax and
investment strategy as well as an estate planning tool.
capital gains tax on your profits could run as high as 15% to 30% when state and federal taxes are combined, why not take the necessary steps to avoid this loss? A big tax bite could wipe out money you need for future investments.

Jillian Investments, LLC Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange Services conducts multiple types of
nationwide exchange transactions on an annual basis, with the primary focus being real estate transactions.  The overall mission of Jillian Investments is to conduct and facilitate a timely and effective exchange that complies with Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.